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Graphic Sexual Horror vs Amazon.com

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Mar. 19th, 2010 | 09:24 pm
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I received a disturbing email today from the creators of a Documentary about a not defunct website you may remember from a few years ago.

Insex was a pioneer and still sets many of the standards for the hardcore BDSM world as we know it. Many of the prominent models and riggers we know and love today passed through the halls of Insex while it was up and running.

Insex was shut down due to the US Government implementing an anti-obscenity initiative  and anti-terrorist act where most of the consensual things that were going on at the time became a legal target for prosecution in one way or another and despite reasonable thoughts that such a prosecution would fail it was decided that it would be far better to simply shut down the site and start again with what they had instead of losing everything just to prove a point - how ever valid.

Insex then produced a Documentary about this very subject called "Graphic Sexual Horror"

Here is my problem - Amazon.com after placing this movie on its website for sale has since pulled it down even after becoming one of the top ten documentaries and independent films sold during the few days it was on its virtual shelves.
It was pulled because of "explicit issues" with the film.
Having seen the film and the "explicit content" contained within I find it greatly disturbing that they are pulling it from their shelves for this reason when so many other more explicit movies and book and toys and anything else you can imagine remain. I mean what is going to happen next, are they going to pull "Hostel and Saw" for their explicit content - which on a personal note I find MORE disturbing to the masses than a little consenting BDSM. - How many other things are they going to rip from their shelves for such weak worded reason.

I'm really concerned about this censorship and find it deplorable on the part of Amazon and I do believe that they have lost my somewhat considerable business until one of two things happen

They issue a formal reason as to why the movie was removed and then follow up with removal of every other graphically explicit item contained on their shelves (Yeah right)


They return it to their shelves with some extra security and leave it be. (Also yeah right)

Though I do appreciate the extra publicity for this movie that this controversy is creating and I recommend it for all people who love BDSM and also for people who wish to know how the government is using it's anti-terrorist laws
It's scary.
I wonder what there going to take from me next?

Your thoughts?

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