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Monster Slayers on Kongregate

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Oct. 20th, 2010 | 07:27 pm
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music: NCIS

Yeah Im addicted - its a neat little side-scrolly 2d RPG with a very interesting fight engine - simple to understand, fun to use!
I recommend checking out the game if your into wasting an hour or two


Now the whole reason Im actually posting about this is because Ive been asked to share my list of monster summons. I cannot claim it is a complete list as I simply do not know, but it is fairly complete regardless.

Guardian - All units become invulnerable to missiles.
     animal hide / demon tooth

Seraph - All units heal over time.
     animal hide / oak leaf
     oak leaf / blue crystal

Reaper - All enemies lose HP over time.
     animal hide / cursed bone
     oak leaf / fire stone

Blade - All melee unite double damage.
     animal hide / blue crystal
     fire stone / cursed bone

Savage - All melee units gain lifedrain.
     animal hide / monster claw
     demon tooth / monster claw
     cursed bone / monster claw

Deamon - All units gain flame attack.
     animal hide / fire stone
     demon tooth / fire stone
     fire stone / monster claw

Frosty - All units gain frost attack.
     fire stone / blue crystal
     Cursed bone / blue crystal

Serpent - Units gain dodge and poison attacks.
     demon tooth / cursed bone
     oak leaf / cursed bone

Treeant - All enemies at one half speed when entangled.
     demon tooth / oak leaf
     oak leaf / monster claw

Fox - All units move twice as fast.
     demon tooth / blue crystal
     blue crystal / monster claw

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